Ways Hunting Is Environmental Friendly

A lot of people eat meat. Is farming a better source of meat as compared to hunting? Unfortunately, it is not. You need to have the right hunting gear such as perkins knives. When hunting is done for sustenance rather than a sport, it is environmentally friendly. This statement is only applicable if you follow a given set of guidelines. In this case, you are eating the animal or using different parts of the animal to benefit you and others. What needs control is the population of game you are hunting. The control ought to be properly managed. Also, you need to ensure that you hunt your animals in a humane manner by using weapons that are efficient.

Reasons for hunting

Controls animal populations

t23wedf6hwe7dju8i22In some countries such as the US, hunting is a controlled activity. There are laws and regulations in place at the state, local, and federal levels, which monitor some wild animals in check. This effort helps reduce things such as deer-car collisions. Moreover, it helps protect agricultural products from the grazing wildlife. In this way, we can co-exist. Also, the health of animals is protected due to conservation laws that limit the number of animals hunted.

Bypasses livestock practices

About 30% of the land is used to grow vegetables that are used to feed livestock such as chicken, pigs, and cattle. In fact, only 10% is used to feed the human population. Also, about 40% of water is used for hydrating farm animals. It is unfortunate to note that methane emissions from the livestock farming account for a third of agriculture-related greenhouse gases.

Also, commercially farmed meat does go to waste. This is because, restaurants, consumers, and supermarkets buy more than they require. Thus, they end up throwing a lot of it.

No added ingredients

gedf6cgwed7cj98i22The good thing about eating wild game is that it tastes just the way nature intended. You will be surprised to realize that commercially-raised livestock has added ingredients. This is because these animals are offered doses of antibiotics. Some farmers give their animals steroids to promote growth. FDA claims that the chemicals used are fine for human consumption.

Appreciation of nature

It is a skill to know how to hunt. It will give you a reason to appreciate the rules of the wild and animal behavior. You get to respect the both the animal and land.

Hunting is a whole day endeavor. You will spend a lot of time in nature and connect deeply with it.…