The Voice of Leadership, Management and Ministry
MODEM’s Mission Statement

A national and ecumenical Christian network which seeks to initiate authentic dialogue between exponents of leadership, organisation, spirituality and ministry in order to aid the development of better disciples, communities, society and world.


Create, maintain and share a relevant body of knowledge on Christian Leadership

find or develop a ‘common language’
help people find out what is happening
where to find help
how to learn, develop and grow.
Support and promote understanding of ‘good practice’ and ‘know how’ in Christian Leadership

mentoring, coaching and counselling.
Be an open channel of communication for:

people wanting to help the Church and all Church organisations to be more effective
people wanting to express their Christian faith at work, home, and in the world at large
people wanting to understand how God relates to and in the world
people seeking ‘meaning and purpose’
interfaith understanding and action.
Build and strengthen communities in Society.