Wedding Planning – All That You Need To Know

Well, wedding planning seems like an interesting career choice given the glamor surrounding wedding environments. It’s also an opportunity to convert people’s dreams into realities. It might seem easy but a lot more than meets the eye is involved. The wedding planners you admire and aspire to emulate have probably officiated over hundreds of wedding ceremonies before they got the full grip. Here are five myths regarding effective wedding planning.

Wedding planning

Wedding planners should be in full control of the planning

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgWedding planners look for partners and not dictators. Wedding planners should work with their clients and adjust according to their vision and priorities for their event. Their role is to offer guidance and direction based on their experience. A planner has to be hands on at times whereby you coordinate meetings, do follow ups, track payments and much more. Getting everything together will consume a great deal of time. If you are a lazy person, reconsider your career choice. Wedding planning remains a full-time job.

Wedding planning is expensive

The biggest impediment to wedding planning is the pricing. There are different packages for different people. Experienced planners have more knowledge than other vendors. You end up saving a great deal of time and money eventually. The planners know the right questions to inquire to prevent mistakes that are costly. It is much safer to part with a little more that will ensure your wedding goes on without any hitch than holding all that burden and stress of going through the planning yourself.

Which vendors to use

gfhfhfghgfhgfhgfhWedding planners have their list of vendors who they prefer using for their weddings. This might have arisen out of a long established relationship of working together. Nevertheless, the client is not mandated to use them. People have their own sources for vendors, some recommendations from family and friends. In every wedding, the couple have their own style and budget that the vendor should adopt. If you let your planner do the choosing, vet them out and ascertain if they meet your standards. The planner is also under pressure to ensure that their vendors are perfect. For any negative reviews, the blow-back will fall on their laps.

It’s also important to note that people are attracted to planners for their style. The style is a perfect reflection of the vendors you intend to use. Vendors follow through on their promises as they know any misstep and they are dropped out of the planner’s list.

Can one plan a wedding alone without any help?

Anyone who claims that they can organize their own wedding without any assistance or guidance is making a vain statement. You must also remember that no wedding planner is perfect, they might promise perfection but deliver an above average wedding; which is good enough. Just with all service industry related jobs, human is to error.…


Express Your Personality With A Uniquely Colored Wedding Gown


When it comes to modern bridal wear, many women typically opt for white wedding gowns. Now, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with white gowns, sometimes other colors can add a certain unique feel to the special day. That is why more and more brides have started going with patterned and colored gowns, to color-theme their weddings and express their creativity and personality.

Each different color can have different significances and meanings and can add a specific dimension to your wedding look. If you want to your gown to express your personality, read on, as we will discuss certain colors and their characteristics.


22nokjoWhile light blue is a serene and calming color, which reflects the color of the sky and the ocean, dark and deep blues are somewhat sumptuous and can add a feeling of wealth and quality. Bright and electric blues are highly dynamic and can make a strong statement, however, you need to make sure not to overuse them, as you might end up creating a rather cold atmosphere.


If you want to add a “natural” touch to your wedding, you should opt for a green wedding gown. Green is the color of the natural world, spring, as well as new beginnings. A green wedding gown would be a perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony, due to its refreshing, peaceful, and tranquil tone. Aside from becoming a fairly popular wedding gown color, green is also popular for bridesmaid dresses as well.


Yellow symbolizes the sunshine, flowers, and the brightness of summer. It is an uplifting color that brims with youthful optimism. If you want to achieve a more mature look, you should go with golden yellows, which will add a touch of glamor to your wedding ceremony. Yellow variations can create stimulating patterns, which are great for creating outdoor, energetic summer weddings. If you want to make combinations, combine yellow with a little bit of gray, to create an understated, beautiful gown.


Almost everyone knows that red is traditionally associated with passion and love and that it brings romantic, warming effects. By wearing a red wedding gown, you will undoubtedly be the ceremony’s center of attention. To do that, you could either use it as an accent on a white gown or as a block color. If you are planning a more intimate, winter wedding, a great choice would be a dark red gown.


33nv,mnlsjkjOrange is a strong color, typically associated with fall. It can be earthy or bold, depending on its tone. Since orange is a warming color, its muted shades have become fairly popular, especially terracotta or peach shades. Both of these will add a warm touch and a subtle interest to your gown. For a more exciting, flamboyant and fun wedding ceremony, you should use as many bright oranges as you can.


Beiges and browns are quickly becoming increasingly popular as wedding gown colors. This is especially true when it comes to vintage wedding gowns. Brown is an organic, traditional, and earthy color, which gives off a feeling of stability and strength. For wedding gowns, delicate, subtle tones of beige and brown are the most popular ones. If you opt for such a dress, you should accessorize it with wooden beads or pearls.…